'Targeting Twist' at the Physics of Life PolNET2 2018 Symposium

On the 10th December 2018, Kavit attended the ‘Physics of Life PoLNET2 2018 Symposium: Molecules, Mechanics, Medicine and More!’ at the University of York. The interdisciplinary symposium aimed to showcase collaborative projects across Biology and Physics with discussions ranging from evolution to epigenetics.

Kavit presented a poster entitled ‘Targeting Twist’, highlighting our current research in exploring the dynamic interactions between complex topological states of DNA, such as supercoiling, and topoisomerases. This included the effect of supercoiling on DNA structure as well as insights into the binding dynamics between Topoisomerase IV and Gyrase with DNA minicircles.

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 10.56.43.png

Targeting Twist Research Poster

Poster presented for the PoLNET2 2018 Symposium highlighting our research premise, aims, current findings and future work.