Kavit Main has joined the group to carry out his MSc research project

Kavit Main has joined the group to carry out a research project for his MSc in Cancer at the UCL Cancer Institute. His project aims to use Atomic Force Microscopy to gain single-molecule insights into supercoiled DNA-topoisomerase interactions.

Kavit has a Master of Pharmacy, MPharm, degree from University College London. His previous dissertation work was a structural analysis of four-way telomeric DNA Holliday junctions, with a focus on determining the druggability of the junction cavity. The premise of this research being that subsequent rational drug design would aid in the development of substrates that could occupy these cavities and inhibit telomerase activity in malignant cells.  

Following clinical work experience at various hospitals including University College Hospital, The Royal Free and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Kavit developed a particular interest in oncology.

Aside from academia, Kavit practises Nasta’liq and Devanagari calligraphy, Mughal miniature painting and enjoys Urdu poetry and hiking.