Isabel is a PhD student with Professor Rachel McKendry at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, affiliated with i-sense, an EPSRC IRC in Early Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Diseases. Her PhD work centres on the use of Atomic Force Microscopy to study antimicrobial action and resistance in bacteria. She was recently featured on Sky News discussing the importance of new antibiotics.

Isabel has worked closely with Alice throughout her PhD on several projects, including investigating the action of novel antimicrobial compounds on live bacterial cells using AFM, and using AFM as a diagnostic tool to detect drug-resistant bacteria. This work has resulted in one publication, with another under review and two in preparation.

Isabel has an MBiochem in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Oxford. She has also studied bioscience and medicine from a societal perspective, including health economics and policy, during an MSc from the LSE. Prior to starting her PhD studies, she worked at the academic journal Scientific Reports (part of the Nature Publishing Group family), where she was involved in developing and implementing editorial biosecurity policies for research of dual-use.